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General Questions

  • Who can use this site?
    Only a PSIRA registered Security Company in South Africa.
  • Why PSIRA registered?
    All security companies in South Africa must be registered with PSIRA, and have an authenticated PSIRA number issued.
  • What does it cost to join Guardcheck?
    R 4350.00 per year in advance with no extra hidden costs billed to Guardcheck members.
  • What do I get for my membership fee?
    * You can check a security guard to see if the guard has been blacklisted by another company and the reason for the listing.
    * You also have the facility to blacklist security guards as a Guardcheck Member.
    * You will receive a database of CVs from Guards looking for jobs online with their Grade information.
  • Do I pay extra for blacklisting and receiving reports on security guards?
    No, you pay a once-off fee of R1 550.00 per year and receive all features available to you at any time as a registered Guardcheck member.
  • Do I pay to print CVs from Guardcheck?
    No, it is included in your R1 550.00 membership fee.
  • Will I be billed automatically after one year?
    No, our website will send an alert that your membership is coming to an end, and will ask if our member would like to renew.
  • How do I pay?
    There are 2(Two) options for payment:-
    * By credit card - you will receive your membership and password immediately via e-mail.
    * Internet transfer - information must be e-mailed to and your membership and password will be forwarded to your address.
  • Who can blacklist security guards?
    Any member of Guardcheck can and will be allowed to blacklist a security guard following fair disciplinary procedures.
  • How long will the security guard be listed?
    The security guard will be listed for (5) Five years, or until the Guardcheck member who listed the security guard removes the guard from the blacklist database.
  • Can the security guard be removed from the blacklist?
    Yes, but only by our Guardcheck member that listed the security guard.
  • Does a company have to attach a security officer listing report to the security guard's letter of employment?
    Yes, this makes the security guard aware of their actions and that there are consequences now.
  • How do I get a security officer's listing report?
    It is available to our Guardcheck members only, and can be printed off our website. Due to the regulations set by PSIRA the acceptance letter is not available for public download.
  • How long does the security guard CV's stay on the website?
    CVs stay live for 3(Three) months then are automatically removed off Guardcheck's database.
  • Can a guard re-submit their CV if after 3(Three) months they still have not secured employment?
  • What is the cost for uploading your CV to Guardcheck?
    Free of charge, as a security guard can re-enter their CV as many times as needed. We at Guardcheck want to assist guards in securing employment.
  • What area does Guardcheck cover?
    Guardcheck covers all regions belonging to South Africa, the updated information is sent out to our proud growing database of over 4000+ Guardcheck members.
  • If a security guard is blacklisted can a company still hire the security guard?
    Yes, we are just providing information so that the security industry can make an informed decision when hiring their employees.
  • How do I contact the team?
    Please refer to the contact details on our website.
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